DAVP Tarrif
Rs. 200/-
Per Col.cm.
Rs. 400/-
Per Col.cm.
Rs. 200/-
Per Col.cm.
Rs. 200/-
Per Col.cm.
Rs. 400/-
Per Col.cm.
 Minimum Size  5 Cm x 1 Col.
 Front Page  100% Extra
 Last Page  50% Extra
 Ear Panel  Rs. 200/- Daily. Rs.5000/- Monthly
 Classified  (1x5) Cm. Rs. 100/- Daily
 Demise/Shoksabha  (2x5) Col./Cm Rs. 500/- Last Page
   (2x10) Col./Cm Rs. 1000/- Last Page

Terms and Conditions.

All Advertisement matter shall strictly to the approval of the management
No Deduction will be allowed from advertisement bill on account of defective Insertion, claims to such account if

addmitted will be free insertion.

Advertisers or advertising agents, who fail to complete space within twelve months or certain stipulated period,
  will have to pay the difference between the contractor and casual rules for the space actually consumed.
To avail of the contract rate Advertiser/Agency shall to execute spacecontract in duplicate. Every effort shall be
  made to insert advertisement on the stipulated space but no guarantee can be given. They will be inserted in the next available issue.
No Responsibility will be takjen for loss/damage to blocks during transit, printing although, almost care is given
  in this respect.
Advertisements are accepted in good faith, the management does not accept any liability regarding publication of
  advertisement of other dailies, commission and error in forwarding replys etc.
  For All editions for all legal purposes, SURAT (GUJARAT) will be the place of Jurisdiction
  Note : 1.   Please send Positive Art Work & Art Paper
    2.   Please send A/c. Payee cheque/draft against the bill.
For further queries you can contact us.
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